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TITLE- Careers in Railways
AUTHOR- J M Ovasdi
ISBN- 81-05-0704-9
PRICE- Rs-80.
  How to get into the world's largest public sector organization
    With over 16,00,000 people employed in various capacities, Indian Railways is undoubtedly the single largest employer in the country today.Besides the obvious perks and privileges of a government job, a career in the railways has a charm and romance that is unique to this service. The other attractive benefits like unlimited travel, special housing, educational and medical facilities, family kinship makes a career in the IR especially attractive.The first of its kind, this book written by the Principal of the Railway Staff College, Vodadara, gives you an insider's view of the structure and working of the mammoth railway organization.Besides highlighting the various job prospects and future trends in the IR, the book provides accurate and valuable information on each department.The eligibility criteria for jobs in Group A, B, C, & D services
  Recruitment and training procedures
  Career prospects
  Perks and privileges
  Other related business opportunities
  Case studies of people working in different capacities
  Provide a glimpse of the nature of work.
  Getting onto the right track…
  Sample Test papers for posts of
  Assistant Station Master
  Senior Clerk
  Reservation Clerk
  Inspector of Works
  Assistant Engine Driver
  Junior Clerk cum Typist…
    TITLE- Careers In Beauty Care
AUTHOR- Aruna Annand
ISBN- 81-7094-420-1
PRICE- Rs-95
  Your complete step-by-step guide to a rewarding career in beauty care.
    There's no business like the beauty business. If you have a flair for making people look good, this book shows you how you can combine your skills, talent and drive with some professional training to carve out a rewarding and remunerative career.The useful information and practical how-to tips offered by experts in this book, will help you take advantage of the various opportunities available in this field. In clear easy-to-follow steps, the book details what is involved in each area of specialisation - be it hairstyling or hairdressing… beauty therapy or make-up…The exciting aspect for those considering a career in this field is that it does not call for pursuing any long-drawn or expensive academic study. A good short-term professional course followed by some hands-on experience can get you started. The other wonderful thing about the beauty business is that you can train to be a professional cosmetologist even at a relatively later stage in life - maturity can indeed be an asset!
  Here's what you'll learn…
  Details of the work involved in each area of specialisation
  What it takes to make the grade
  Where to train: list of courses
  Where to look for work
  How to set up your own parlour
  The kind of money you can hope to make
  Allied professions: How to become a Sales person
  Healthclub instructor
  Yoga & aerobics instructor
  Beauty consultant…
    TITLE- Getting A Job In America
AUTHOR- Rojer Jones
ISBN- 81-7094-4
PRICE- Rs-170.
  How to land your dream job in America.
    Each year thousands of people worldwide dream of working in the land of opportunity, but most are uncertain how to go about it. This invaluable handbook provides many of the answers for landing your dream job in the US.Based on the experience of individuals, employer companies and recruitment agencies, this book covers the vast range of jobs available, job-rich locations, pay and conditions - and how to get hired. Plus, the author also provides valuable contacts for people who have never before worked in the US, whether they are applying for jobs from a foreign base or from inside America."Essential for anyone who is thinking of working in the US" Going USA Very good value for money" Scho ol Librarian Journal, UK

  Eligibility for working in the US: visas and immigration law
  Future job prospects: the most promising sectors and the fastest growing occupations
  Getting a job before you leave
  Looking for a job on arrival
  Financial rewards and life-style
  Working for yourself
  Important US recruitment organisations and other valuable contacts
  How to write successful application for US jobs
    TITLE- Guide To Correspondence & Part Time Courses
AUTHOR- Caring
ISBN- 81-7094-438-4
PRICE- Rs-95.
  How to improve your career prospects without full-time study.
    A comprehensive guide to the large number of correspondence and part-time courses available in the country.
Degree, diploma and certificate-level courses in humanities, science, engineering, agriculture, commerce, foreign languages, education, management, library science and many others offered by the various universities in the country, including open universities and other professional bodies and institutes are listed.

  Contains all relevant details for each course names and who to contat institution(s)
  Medium of instruction
  Syllabus & duration of the course eligibility conditions
  Complete addresses for obtaining further information.
  AICTE and DoE accredited professional, technical and vocational courses courses offered by IGNOU, ICFAI, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan & YWCA
    TITLE- How To Ace Any Test
ISBN- 81-7094-377-9
PRICE- Rs-80.
  How to do better than your best in your exams...everytime!

Whether you like it or not, how well you do in your exams decides which college or course you get to attend and determines whether you are selected for the job or career you have set your heart on. Step-by-proven-step this international superseller shows you how you can systematically improve your scores by learning:

  How to conquer your fear of exams
  How to find time for study - without giving up all the fun
  How to develop smart study skills
  How to cram effortlessly
  How to beat exhaustion and boredom while studying for exams
  Tips and tricks for essay-type tests: how to score marks if you have time for just a few sentences
  Strategies for tackling objective tests; when to guess and how.
  How to learn from your mistakes in one exam so you can do even better the next time.
    With this book in hand, you can actually stop worrying about your next exam. And start working towards scoring higher than you have ever done before.
    TITLE- How To Write Papers
ISBN- 81-7094-418-x
PRICE- Rs-80.
  How to successfully tackle written assignments and term papers.

Systematically and methodically this book describes all the important elements you need for producing an excellent written assignment - be it an essay, a term paper or a project report. With this step-by-step walk-through you will master the art of selecting a topic, researching the material, developing an outline, writing a rough draft, revising, and turning out the final masterpiece with the ease of a pro.The essential secret is to tackle one thing at a time. By breaking your assignment into a series of small steps, you'll be astonished how manageable the most difficult written assignment can become. Ron Fry show you:

  How to identify the different elements involved in any written assignment
  How to make a time-table and how to tackle deadlines
  How to select a topic; what kinds of topics to avoid
  How to decide what slant to take
  How to produce a preliminary outline
  How to locate appropriate references and take efficient notes
  How to use anecdotes, statistics and quotations effectively
  Tips and tricks to organise your material and overcome writer's block.
  Never again will you dread a written assignment. Armed with this book, you are well-equipped to win every time!
  How to lick your rough draft into a superbly crafted written paper
    TITLE- Careers In Chartered Accountancy
AUTHOR- Meera Khanna
ISBN- 81-7094-335-3
PRICE- Rs-80.
  The all-time favourite career option in accountancy and finance.

Chartered accountancy has long been a prestigious and popular career option. The legal requirement for business companies to get their accounts audited by independent, qualified chartered accountants opens the floodgates for CAs as auditors and income tax practitioners.
In addition, chartered accountancy serves as an excellent platform for professional accountancy and finance jobs in the corporate sector.Unlike getting into a good B-school, engineering or medical college, enrolling for the chartered accountancy course is relatively straightforward. On the other hand, qualifying as a CA is not all that easy.
The professional chartered accountancy course is a blend of theoretical education and practical training which requires self-study and self-discipline to succeed. And this is where the book gives you a special edge. It is packed with practical, expert insights for successfully tackling the series of exams and getting the most out of your training as an article or audit clerk.The book also maps out your prospects as a full-fledged CA - whether as a practising professional or as a corporate executive.

  How to become a CA: admission and eligibility.........
  Entry routes after 10+2 and graduation
  What you study - tips & tricks to tackle the examsractical training
  How to select the right guide
  How to be the perfect article
  Prospects in independent practice & corporate jobs
  What you do as a CA
  Qualities of a successful CA
  Women in chartered accountancy
  Expert tips and insight - what successful CAs say about the profession.
  How to be a CA-plus: additional professional qualifications.
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