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    TITLE- How ToImprove Your Memory
ISBN- 81-7094-402-3
PRICE- Rs-90.
  How to improve your academic performance by building a powerful memory
    This simple, practical and easy-to-use handbook will show you how to remember and retain whatever you read or learn.Result:betterperformance in the class room and in tests each time.
  Here's what you'll learn
  How to remember numbers
  How to remember dates and facts
  How to retain more of what you read - the very first time
  How to take easy-to-recall notes that will help you in exam preparation
  How to build a bigger vocabulary
  How to memorize spelling, formulas, dates, names and other key building blocks of success in tests.
    Along the way, you will even master the skills of always re-calling where you've left your keys and wallet ... or that very private, for-your-eyes only note.What's more, you will be able to do all of this - and more - without having to spend a mind-numbing amount of time and effort. The steps are easy to learn - and even easier to apply. The book includes review sections and a comprehensive chapter to help you test what you have learntc and where you may need further work.
Once you pick up and finish this book, you will be effortlessly flexing the mental muscles you never knew you had.
    TITLE- How ToImprove Your Reading
ISBN- 81-7094-402-1
PRICE- Rs-90.
  How to perfect your reading and comprehension skills.
    This book shows you how to fully grasp and understand the texts and other assignments you read - whatever the subject. And how to remember more of what you've read. Packed with guidance, tips and tricks to improve your reading and comprehension skills, this book shows you:
  How to tailor your reading method to your reading purpose: quick-reference reading, critical reading, reading for pleasure
  How to spot the main idea by dissecting your reading assignment
  How to grasp the essential facts: skim, scan, read, remember
  Tricks to tackle technical texts: definitions and terms, examples, classifications and listing, cause-effect relationships
  How to become a critical reader: pre-reading, analyzing, summarizing
  How to focus your mind: techniques for concentration and motivation
  How to secure your comprehension: retaining what you read.
    This is a practical, tested guide, for students who want to improve their comprehension skills and never forget what they study.Once you have read this book, you will never have to go over the same material again in your school, college, or competitive exams.
    TITLE- How To Take Notes
ISBN- 81-7094-419-8
PRICE- Rs-90
  How to take notes that are perfect for revision and exam preparation.

From the classroom to the library, good note-taking skills are an essential element of successful study. How to Take Notes will help you identify and capture "note-worthy" material from your classroom lectures, textbooks and other reference sources.
Complete with specially designed practice exercises, this book contains a tried and tested note-taking system which is practical, inexpensive, and one you can start using immediately. You will also learn

  How to listen and take notes in different types of classes and with different types of teachers
  How to take notes from your textbooks and technical texts, e.g. maths and science
  How to take notes in the library
  Different note-taking techniques for preparing oral and written assignments
  How to recognize the most important points of any topic
  How to remember the key points
    Armed with your own first-rate notes, revising the syllabus at the time of the exam will become simple and painless - and the results wildelightyou.
    TITLE- How To Study In America
AUTHOR- A.B.Tiwana
ISBN- 81-7094-404-x
PRICE- Rs-190.
  Studying in America on a shoestring budget.

Nearly every second international student in the US is an Asian. Terrific evidence, if you need any, that you don't just have to dream of higher studies in America. "Anyone with a strong determination can do it," assures the author.And this book makes it far easier than you ever thought it possible - Packed cover-to-cover with insider tips that will take you step-by-sure step into a good American university and launch you into the international job market.

  The ins & outs of an American degree
  How an American degree scores over British, European or Australian qualification
  Different kinds of degrees - Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate
  Where do you fit in: minimum admission requirements
  Types of educational institutions n Accreditation.
  Applications timetable
  Many students miss admission or financial aid opportunities simply because they don't allow enough time for the application process,"
  Cautions the author and shows you: when and how to start sending out preliminary application forms (PAFs)
  How many colleges to target
  The tests you need to take
  For undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate admissions and for seeking financial aid
  Which tests to avoid
  When to take the tests
  Tips on test preparation.
  Applications process: step-by-step guidance
  How to write impressive personal statements and statements of purpose
  Recommendation letters that carry weight
  Using extra-curricular achievments to advantage
  How to prove your financial capability
  How to cut application costs
  Valuable tricks, tips and traps to avoid .
  College costs
  Tuition fees
  Living costs - room, travel, books, supplies, personal expenses
  Planning a minimum budget
  Savvy ways of cutting costs.
  How and where to find the money
  You need a smart and workable strategy plus all your ingenuity to succeed. Here's insider guidance on:
  Where to locate the money
  How to get financial aid, research and teaching assistantships
  Finding part-time work
  The big bucks strategy: taking risks for a lifetime reward
  Financial aid: tricks to prove you have the money you actually don't
  Sources of US scholarships open to Asians
  International scholarships for women.
  How to get your Visa & Green Card
  Campus Survival Guide
  Orientation and course selection
  How much study load to take on
  How to balance work with play
  Time management
  Social life, etiquette and dating
  Inside: Exclusive College Profile Section
  To select the right US college
  The College Profile Section lists over 400 affordable, high quality US colleges and universities offering a wide variety of subjects and sizeable fin ancial aid to Asian students.
  Each institution profile lists:
  Financial aid record
  Test scores required
  Difficulty of admission, etc.
  Will save you months of labor, effort and confusion
  Instant reckoner to help you zero-in on promising celleges to target for admission.
  Thriving on a shoestring budget: savings, savings, savings...
  Savings on airfare, books, housing, food, clothing... savings, savings, savings!
  Check these out inside
  Useful checklists and pre-departure calendar
  Specimen costs and expense estimates at affordable colleges
  Sources of financial aid at home and in the US
  List of Indian private organisations offering aid for foreign studies.
  Specimen filled-in application forms, assistantship requests; specimen letters of recommendation.
  Answers to questions commonly asked by US-bound students
  Top 50 US Business Schools: specifically recommended MBA and BBA courses and their GMAT requirements and availability of fellowships, assistantships for international students
  Top 50 Engineering Schools
  Top ranking universities in 60 fields, from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology
  List of US universities with maximum number of international students.
    TITLE- U.S.Immigration & Citizenship
AUTHOR- Allan Wernick
ISBN- 81-7094-362-0
PRICE- Rs-325.
  It's Getting Harder to Go to the United States.It's Getting Harder to Stay There.This Book Makes It Easier.

You can become a permanent resident in the United States - or even a citizen! You (and your loved ones) can go there to work, study, or visit. But it won't be easy to qualify; so the more you know about it, the better your chances are.
Here you have the expert advice of a top U.S. immigration lawyer at your fingertips. He not only shows you how to take shortcuts to speed up the process but also how you can avoid the traps that can block your way. Inside you'll find dozens of practical tips and examples, including:

  The easiest way to get and extend your visa
  Things that help - and hurt - your application
  An extensive guide to Internet resources on immigration law
  When you need a lawyer - and when you don't
  Comprehensive listing of immigration assistance agencies in the U.S.
  Rules and rights for workers and employers
  Interview questions and answers used by immigration examiners
  How much English you need to know
  Samples of the forms you need - with step-by-step directions on filling them out And much more!
    With this invaluable, easy-to-read reference guide, you won't just learn the rules of the U.S. immigration "game" - you'll learn how you can actually go and settle in America.Allan Wernick is a recognized American attorney and expert on U.S. immigration law and procedure. His weekly column on immigration law appears in the New York Daily News, U.S.A.
    TITLE- Carrers In Management
AUTHOR- Geetanjli Pandit
ISBN- 81-7094-378-7
PRICE- Rs-90.
  An insider's guide to one of today's hottest careers.

This book is your friend, philosopher and guide in your quest for the MBA degree and a career in Management. Witty and sharp, perceptive and incisive, it is loaded with information and valuable insights from successful MBAs, business executives and experienced teachers of Management.

  Getting into a Top B-school
  What to look for in a B-school
  Selection criteria of Management institutes - qualities admission deans look for.
  How to tackle the 3-step admission hurdle race - preparation tricks for the written exams; tips for trumping the Group Discuss and Interview.
  Top B-schools in India - and what if you don't make it to one.
  Foreign MBAs - do they deliver sufficient bang for the big bucks you pay; how to get a foreign MBA degree in India.
  The Campus Story
  Getting the most out of the MBA course
    What you study at a B-school - typical syllabi
    Insights into popular and emerging specialisations
    Summer training - how to make it count
    Campus placement - skills recruiters seek
    Climbing the Corporate Ladder
    From campus to real life - what it takes to succeed
    The vital importance of your first job
    Women in Management
    Realities of a business career - the glitz and the grime: myth of the perfect manager; myth of the perfect pay-packet; myth of the perfect company.
  Things they don't teach at any B-school.
    TITLE- Careers In Social Work
AUTHOR- Shilpa Jamkhedkar
ISBN- 81-7094-412-0
PRICE- Rs-95.
  Prospects and guidance for a rewarding and challenging profession.

Social Work is today a full-fledged profession in its own right. A career in this field is not only vastly satisfying but also professionally challenging. The demand for social work professionals is rapidly increasing as also their scope of activities, increasingly attracting dynamic and motivated young people - especially as the remuneration offered to trained professionals has vastly improved over the years.While objectively discussion the various aspects of social work, the book outlines practical suggestions for preparing for a career in this field and clears up many common misconceptions about this well known but little understood profession. Packed with information and valuable insights, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in a career social work. Case study of real life of professionals bring alive the joys and challenges of working in this multi-dimensional field.

  What social work is all about
  The various areas of specialisation
  The qualifications and skills required
  Allied fields of work
  List of training institutes & courses
  How to select the right institution
  List of prominent organizations operating in India
  Where to look for part-time work.
  Where you'll work
  Public welfare agencies
Hospitals & clinics
  Large business establishments
  Private social service organization
  Rehabilitation centres
  Corporate sector
  Special education centres
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