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TITLE- Careers In Armed Forces
AUTHOR- Gurbir Man Singh
ISBN- 81-7094-389-2
PRICE- Rs-90.
  Careers in the Armed Forces

Between them, the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian AirForce recruit more than two thousand officers each year. You have the option of becoming an infantry, artillery or naval officer, a pilot, an educationist, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer and many more. You can join the army after plus two, after graduation, or even after completing a professional degree.
This book guides you about how you can join the Army, Navy and the Air Force. It also describes the nature of work in the armed forces, its plus and minus points, the camaraderie, the discipline, the salary and perks. Then, too, there is the special military lifestyle, the games and sports, opportunities for adventure, and the distinctive atmosphere of mess nights and military bands, honours and awards, challenges and change. From the day you join till the end of your life you are looked after, and live a cared-for life as a member of a proud, well-knit institution.

  Details of admission examination
  Details of direct entry and university entry schemes.
  Openings for women.
  When and how to join the Army, Navy or the Air Force as a Commissioned Officer.
  What the training is like.
  Nature of the work in various branches.
  Pay, perks and lifestyle.
  Retirement benefits.
  Sources of further information.

TITLE- Careers In Beauty Care
AUTHOR- Aruna Annand
ISBN- 81-7094-420-1
PRICE- Rs-95
  Your complete step-by-step guide to a rewarding career in beauty care.
    There's no business like the beauty business. If you have a flair for making people look good, this book shows you how you can combine your skills, talent and drive with some professional training to carve out a rewarding and remunerative career.The useful information and practical how-to tips offered by experts in this book, will help you take advantage of the various opportunities available in this field. In clear easy-to-follow steps, the book details what is involved in each area of specialisation - be it hairstyling or hairdressing… beauty therapy or make-up…The exciting aspect for those considering a career in this field is that it does not call for pursuing any long-drawn or expensive academic study. A good short-term professional course followed by some hands-on experience can get you started. The other wonderful thing about the beauty business is that you can train to be a professional cosmetologist even at a relatively later stage in life - maturity can indeed be an asset!
  Here's what you'll learn…
  Details of the work involved in each area of specialisation
  What it takes to make the grade
  Where to train: list of courses
  Where to look for work
  How to set up your own parlour
  The kind of money you can hope to make
  Allied professions: How to become a Sales person
  Healthclub instructor
  Yoga & aerobics instructor
  Beauty consultant…

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TITLE- Careers In Chartered Accountancy
AUTHOR- Meera Khanna
ISBN- 81-7094-335-3
PRICE- Rs-80.
  The all-time favourite career option in accountancy and finance.

Chartered accountancy has long been a prestigious and popular career option. The legal requirement for business companies to get their accounts audited by independent, qualified chartered accountants opens the floodgates for CAs as auditors and income tax practitioners.
In addition, chartered accountancy serves as an excellent platform for professional accountancy and finance jobs in the corporate sector.Unlike getting into a good B-school, engineering or medical college, enrolling for the chartered accountancy course is relatively straightforward. On the other hand, qualifying as a CA is not all that easy.
The professional chartered accountancy course is a blend of theoretical education and practical training which requires self-study and self-discipline to succeed. And this is where the book gives you a special edge. It is packed with practical, expert insights for successfully tackling the series of exams and getting the most out of your training as an article or audit clerk.The book also maps out your prospects as a full-fledged CA - whether as a practising professional or as a corporate executive.

  How to become a CA: admission and eligibility.........
  Entry routes after 10+2 and graduation
  What you study - tips & tricks to tackle the examsractical training
  How to select the right guide
  How to be the perfect article
  Prospects in independent practice & corporate jobs
  What you do as a CA
  Qualities of a successful CA
  Women in chartered accountancy
  Expert tips and insight - what successful CAs say about the profession.
  How to be a CA-plus: additional professional qualifications.

TITLE- Careers In Civil Services
AUTHOR- Sapna Dwivedi
ISBN- 81-7094-409-0
PRICE- Rs-95.
  Careers in the Civil Services- and how to get in

The Civil Services continue to be a highly attractive career avenue for most Indians. This book gives you a detailed low-down on the various services and the eligibility required for each. You'll learn about the structure and composition of each service and the range of jobs available. Packed with valuable information and guidance, it gives you all the necessary inputs to help you make the grade.Each stage of the Civil Services Examination is comprehensively des-cribed right up to facing the crucial interview. While showing you how to take some important decisions regarding this exam,
including how to choose an optional subject, the book provides step-by-step guidance based on extensive inputs from toppers of earlier years and members of the Selection Board on how to prepare scientifically and confidently for the Prelims and Mains.

  Everything you need to get into the Civil Services...........
  List of the various servicesn Career path of each service.
  Eligibility criteria.
  Examination and preparation schedule.
  List of subjects offered.
  Prelims and Mains.
  Recommended books for the exam.
  How to face the interview board.
  Sample question papers for the Prelims and Mains.

TITLE- Careers In Computers
AUTHOR- Rima Zaheer
ISBN- 81-7094-484-8
PRICE- Rs-90.
  Job opportunities in one of today's fastest growing industries
    Computers have completely revolutionized the way we live and work. In the process, the computer industry has become one of the hottest, fastest-growing industries the world over. So there are job opportunities aplenty. But there are pitfalls, too; for instance, rapidly changing technology renders knowledge and skills obsolete. This book shows how you can side-step the traps and focus on taking advantage of the exciting career opportunities the world of computers offers you: The computer scene in India Future trends: information technology and multi-media Where the jobs are; both software and hardware How to zero-in on the right specialisation How to select the right computer course How to develop your skills to stay abreast of the fast-changing technology How to find a growth-oriented job; salary and prospects .

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