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TITLE- Careers in Railways
AUTHOR- J M Ovasdi
ISBN- 81-05-0704-9
PRICE- Rs-80.

  How to get into the world's largest public sector organization
    With over 16,00,000 people employed in various capacities, Indian Railways is undoubtedly the single largest employer in the country today.Besides the obvious perks and privileges of a government job, a career in the railways has a charm and romance that is unique to this service. The other attractive benefits like unlimited travel, special housing, educational and medical facilities, family kinship makes a career in the IR especially attractive.The first of its kind, this book written by the Principal of the Railway Staff College, Vodadara, gives you an insider's view of the structure and working of the mammoth railway organization.Besides highlighting the various job prospects and future trends in the IR, the book provides accurate and valuable information on each department.The eligibility criteria for jobs in Group A, B, C, & D services
  Recruitment and training procedures
  Career prospects
  Perks and privileges
  Other related business opportunities
  Case studies of people working in different capacities
  Provide a glimpse of the nature of work.
  Getting onto the right track…
  Sample Test papers for posts of
  Assistant Station Master
  Senior Clerk
  Reservation Clerk
  Inspector of Works
  Assistant Engine Driver
  Junior Clerk cum Typist…

TITLE- Careers In Social Work
AUTHOR- Shilpa Jamkhedkar
ISBN- 81-7094-412-0
PRICE- Rs-95.
  Prospects and guidance for a rewarding and challenging profession.

Social Work is today a full-fledged profession in its own right. A career in this field is not only vastly satisfying but also professionally challenging. The demand for social work professionals is rapidly increasing as also their scope of activities, increasingly attracting dynamic and motivated young people - especially as the remuneration offered to trained professionals has vastly improved over the years.While objectively discussion the various aspects of social work, the book outlines practical suggestions for preparing for a career in this field and clears up many common misconceptions about this well known but little understood profession. Packed with information and valuable insights, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in a career social work. Case study of real life of professionals bring alive the joys and challenges of working in this multi-dimensional field.

  What social work is all about
  The various areas of specialisation
  The qualifications and skills required
  Allied fields of work
  List of training institutes & courses
  How to select the right institution
  List of prominent organizations operating in India
  Where to look for part-time work.
  Where you'll work
  Public welfare agencies
  Hospitals & clinics
  Large business establishments
  Private social service organization
  Rehabilitation centres
  Corporate sector
  Special education centres

TITLE- Careers In Television And Broadcasting
AUTHOR- Amit Chaudhary
ISBN- 81-7094-371-x
PRICE- Rs-90
  Thousand's of exciting new apportunities

For the first time, a book that presents the total gamut of career options in the fast growing field of Video, Television and Radio in India. Suddenly a large number of opportunities have oppened up in: TV Journalism & Script Writing Acting Voicing & Anchoring Direction & Editing Production & Project Coordination Software Development Media Selling & Research What are the position-specific qualifications required and how to acquire them What is the work involved, monetary compensation and typical growth trajectory Where to learn and how to train Where to look for work: Names and addresses of all the major television and brodcasting companies, studios and channels What is the potentional of FM and Radio How to prepare for the boom Packed with case studies.


TITLE- Guide To Correspondence & Part Time Courses
AUTHOR- Caring
ISBN- 81-7094-438-4
PRICE- Rs-95.
  How to improve your career prospects without full-time study.
    A comprehensive guide to the large number of correspondence and part-time courses available in the country.
Degree, diploma and certificate-level courses in humanities, science, engineering, agriculture, commerce, foreign languages, education, management, library science and many others offered by the various universities in the country, including open universities and other professional bodies and institutes are listed.
  Contains all relevant details for each course names and who to contat institution(s)
  Medium of instruction
  Syllabus & duration of the course eligibility conditions
  Complete addresses for obtaining further information.
  AICTE and DoE accredited professional, technical and vocational courses courses offered by IGNOU, ICFAI, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan & YWCA

TITLE- Writing for the Media
AUTHOR- Sunny Thomas
ISBN- 81-7094-299-3
PRICE- Rs-95.
  How to write like a pro for newspaper, magazines, radio, television, advertising, theatre, cinema…
    Written by a seasoned journalist and a gifted teacher of Journalism, this book provides an insider's view of the essentials of top-quality newswriting with examples drawn from the print and electronic media.
A must for any budding writer, this handbook is packed with sound professional techniques for mastering the writing process. It reveals the numerous tricks of the trade which you can use rightaway to give your stories force, clarity, precision and punch.
In a nutshell, the book equips you with all the necessary skills to write with clarity, power and impact.
    Topics covered include:
  What makes a great story.
  How to construct a powerful lead.
  How to add impact to your feature writing.
  Tips on editorial writing and the art of interviewing.
  How to excel as a freelance writer.
  Successful playwriting, scriptwriting & copywriting techiques.
  How to write a winning novel, and that too a bestseller!
  "There is a patent need for a handbook which, clearly and simply, establishes the ground rules for effective communication in English. Mr Thomas's manual does precisely that." Jug Suraiya, Senior Editor, Times of India.

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