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TITLE- Careers In Foreign Languages
AUTHOR- Rima Zaheer
ISBN- 81-7094-370-1
PRICE- Rs-80.
  How to give your career a multi-lingual advantage
    What are the job opportunities and career avenues which require a foreign language specialisation - particulary in the wake of all the exciting new collaborations and joint ventures? What exactly does it mean to be an Interpretor, Translator, Language Teacher or Guide? How knowledge of a foreign Language can give your career an added boost if you already have a job. How to market your language skills: Careers where knowledge of a foreign language is a definite asset and the degree of proficiency called for An exhaustive list of universities, colleges, institutes offering diploma, certificate and degree-level courses along with the eligibility for each programme Foreign scholarships for higher specialisation. In short, everything you need to give your career a global, multi-lingual advantage.

TITLE- Careers in Government
AUTHOR- Caring
ISBN- 81-7094-415-5
PRICE- Rs-90
  Jobs Through Competitive Exams

Complete information on more than 10,000 Government jobs including IAS, IFS and several other available through competitive exams conducted by the UPSC for all the Central Services as well as State Public Service Commissions for state-level services. National Defence Academy (NDA) and other exams for careers in the Armed Forces and those leading to careers in Banking, Police, Railways, Forestry, Insurance, etc.

    Provides complete details on:
  How to apply
  Eligibility conditions
  Nature and subject of examination
  Approximate number of openings in each service
  Special reservations for SC, ST, Physically, handicapped and wards of Armed Forces personnel
  Venues and dates of the exams
  Addresses of various examining commissions and boards, etc.
  The book also provides description of each Service : pay scales, career path, promotions, future prospects.

TITLE- Careers In Hotel Management
AUTHOR- Arun Agarwal & Mamta Agarwal
ISBN- 81-7094-414-4
PRICE- Rs-95
  How to carve a five-star career in the world's fastest growing industry.

This comprehensive, information-packed guide answers all these questions and many more for anyone weighing the options of a career in the world's fastest growing industry. Whether you want to be a chef, a front office executive, a food & beverage manager, a housekeeper, or the vice president of a hotel, this book details each area of specialisation and outlines a strategy to move towards your goal.

  What are the different jobs available in a hotel?
  What are the various entry levels?
  What is the training required?
  What does each job exactly entail?
  How does it feel to work in a hotel?
  Related avenues for hotel management graduates?
  The good schools of hotel management - in India & abroad?
  What do insiders have to say about the profess ?

TITLE- Careers In Law
AUTHOR- Geetanjli Pandit
ISBN- 81-7094-366-3
PRICE- Rs-90
  Insights into the profession. Where to study. How to succeed .

Explores all aspects of a career in law ranging from what they'll teach you at law school to what they won't The uphill task of becoming a law student from the tough entrance exams to the long gestation period Different branches of law and what to specialise in Skills that make a good lawyer. Examines the curriculum of some prestigious law schools of the country Gives valuable suggestions about getting in and studying in a law college How to choose a specialisation and a senior How to get through the initial poverty-sticken days and come to terms with later affluent but awfully busy working days. Also deals with higher studies in law: both in India and abroad Career options in the Judicial Services and the corporate sector pros and cons of setting up private practice Advice and tips from seasoned professionals.


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TITLE- Carrers In Management
AUTHOR- Geetanjli Pandit
ISBN- 81-7094-378-7
PRICE- Rs-90.
  An insider's guide to one of today's hottest careers.

This book is your friend, philosopher and guide in your quest for the MBA degree and a career in Management. Witty and sharp, perceptive and incisive, it is loaded with information and valuable insights from successful MBAs, business executives and experienced teachers of Management.

  Getting into a Top B-school
  What to look for in a B-school
  Selection criteria of Management institutes - qualities admission deans look for.
  How to tackle the 3-step admission hurdle race - preparation tricks for the written exams; tips for trumping the Group Discuss and Interview.
  Top B-schools in India - and what if you don't make it to one.
  Foreign MBAs - do they deliver sufficient bang for the big bucks you pay; how to get a foreign MBA degree in India.
  The Campus Story
  Getting the most out of the MBA course
  What you study at a B-school - typical syllabi
  Insights into popular and emerging specialisations
  Summer training - how to make it count
  Campus placement - skills recruiters seek
  Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  From campus to real life - what it takes to succeed
  The vital importance of your first job
  Women in Management
  Realities of a business career - the glitz and the grime: myth of the perfect manager; myth of the perfect pay-packet; myth of the perfect company.
  Things they don't teach at any B-school.

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